Why Cambodia?

Why motorcycle tours in Cambodia? The short response is why not? But the real answer is, Cambodia has got it all. Everything from tourist hotspots to remote villages.

For starters there’s the world famous Angkor Wat and the “mighty” Mekong River. However, Cambodia has even more to offer and it’s out in the countryside and off the beaten track.

There’s the Tonle Sap which is the largest freshwater lake in Southeast Asia, the remote east, the spectacular coastal region and the “wild west” (which is the really the “wild north”). These are the places where you get to experience truly authentic Cambodia.

We may be biased, but the best way to see this fabulous country is on two wheels (motorbiking that is). Who really wants to be trapped in a cramped bus with no control over toilet breaks or photo opportunities, when you can be out on the open road soaking in the atmosphere and stopping whenever you like?

There are some great new and improved roads perfect for road bike cruisin’ and some downright dusty and fun ones thrown in the mix.

If you’ve been on motorcycle tours in Thailand, Laos and Vietnam before don’t confuse these countries with Cambodia. Because this place is different. Well, there may be some similarities but the language is different, the people are different and Cambodia’s history is different.

It’s a fascinating country who’s existence dates back to 4500 BC. Everywhere you go there’s a reminder of both the opulent Angkorian past and dark recent history of the Khmer Rouge. But what’s really impressive are the Cambodian people. They are resilient, hard working, inventive and always smiling, friendly and welcoming.

Sometimes in Cambodia it’s not possible to understand why certain things are done a certain way, especially when you come from a western country. But these quirks ensure that there’s never a dull moment to be had in the “Kingdom of Wonder”.

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