About Us

Cambodia Motorcycle Adventures is a husband and wife operation (Sam and Emily). We’re re a small company and as the name suggests we specialise in guided motorcycle tours in Cambodia. We’ve been doing this since June 2012 and love everything about this country and of course cruisin’ around on motorbikes. Here’s a bit of info about us:


Hi I’m Sam, Emily’s partner in crime, co-conspirator and accomplice (sounds better than partner).

Sam Bucknell Cambodia Motorcycle Adventures
Before Cambodia

I’m the result of two rather eccentric parents whose love of travel and adventure has been instilled in me from an early age. From the cabin of a truck, or on a boat, our family trips were unforgettable. As a kid on our holidays, I was regaled with many stories by a variety of memorable characters. There were swagmen and their dogs, farmers, war veterans, possible pirates, and even the occasional publican sharing tales of adventure. Some stories true and others maybe not so true but it didn’t matter.

I’ve had an eclectic career from factory work to earthmoving, and a good few years fronting a punk band in Melbourne. Thanks to my background I like to occasionally find myself in a bit of mischief and adventure. I’ve always wanted to be an explorer.


I have been riding motorbikes on and off since I was 13. After several self-guided overseas motorbike trips, I had the idea of operating a touring company in early 2011. By June 1st 2012 Em and I were out of Australia and on the road starting up Cambodia Motorcycle Adventures.

I’m the head tour guide and I specialise in reconnaissance and leading our groups. I have an eye for the obscure and love finding new trails and destinations. A compass and a map are my friend and if there’s a motorbike and places to explore, I’m all in.

During my travels in the Kingdom of Cambodia I have met countless people and enjoy visiting them every time we’re on the road, even if it’s just for a brief stop. I‘m proud and humbled to call them my friends. My joy is riding and showing off this amazing country. By roads less traveled or a highway under construction there’s always something that makes me laugh or smile. I rarely get lost, but when I do I usually find a friend. I love this place.



Hi I’m Emily, Sam’s other half. We’ve been together for so many years that I can’t even remember exactly how long.

Emily Hickey Cambodia Motorcycle Adventures
Before Cambodia

I didn’t come into riding motorbikes until 2007 and it wasn’t exactly by choice. Sam wanted to do a second motorcycle holiday in India, but this time with me. He was either going to go with or without yours truly and under no circumstance was I to be a pillion. So, being someone who doesn’t like to miss out, especially on an overseas holiday, I got my Australian motorbike license and off we went to India.

I may have spent the first three days in Mumbai in total shock; the traffic was insanity. I didn’t even think that I would be able to ride out of the hotel car park. What made it more difficult were the flashbacks from my Mum telling 16 year old Emily to “under no circumstances ever ride a bike or get on the back of one”. It was either stay put in the hotel or catch buses around the country to meet up with Sam. So I ignored my fears and my Mum’s advice and got on that damn Enfield. Funnily enough, I had the best 2 months of my life and never looked back.


Since mid 2012 riding motorbikes around Cambodia has been, and is, my new business, career and job. The best and most fun part is showing customers this amazing country that has become my new and beloved home.

Restaurants and accommodation are my specialty. I love nothing more than eating all types of cuisines and drinking cocktails is my absolute favourite thing to do. Due to my fear of spiders I still haven’t been able to devour a deep fried tarantula, but one day I will (I think). I also love finding nice hotels. Dorms are definitely not my friend. I’m pretty good at sniffing out great restaurants, bars and hotels, even if I do say so myself, it helps that I’ve now had a lot of practice.