Food and Accomodation

Cambodia is a gastronomic delight and we treat eating and where we stay as seriously as our motorbike riding. Each day you will experience the varied local specialties and delicacies of Khmer cuisine.

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The Bikes

Our motorbikes are late model 200cc Honda Phantom road bikes. They offer the comfort and reliability required for cruising Cambodia. They have good suspension and very comfy seats which is vital for a day in the saddle.

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Why Cambodia

Most people who travel to Cambodia only visit Siem Reap (Angkor Wat), Phnom Penh and the southern coastal region. Please don’t get us wrong, these are must see places. However, Cambodia has so much more to offer and it’s off the beaten tourist track.

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KHMER Language Essentials

Hello                       johm ree-uhp soo-uh 

Hi                           soo-uh suh-dei

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About Us

Sam and Emily are an Australian couple who have a passion for motorcycle touring.  After discovering the vibrant utopia that is Cambodia the “Kingdom of Wonder”, they moved from Australia and established “Cambodia Motorcycle Adventures” in 2011.

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